Goodbye Sweet Kitty


Jasper – 5/1998 – 7/23/2007

Jasper didn’t come in for supper last night, but he’s done that a few times. Sometime in the early morning, he crossed paths with a coyote in our back yard. It was pretty quick — it looked like he put up a fight but clearly it wasn’t enough. The world is a dangerous place, and those we love, their personality, charm, and love are just a small snack for something out there in the wild world. We buried him in his favorite box with his bowl and the supper he didn’t eat last night.

Goodbye you pointy furball. I’ll miss your escapes from the house, your kneading my stomach while I’m trying to sleep, and your constant yelling for food, even 10 minutes after being fed. I’m sure that we’ll be finding your sleeping spots for a while, still decorated with cat hair. And that will still hurt every time.

Goodbye Jasper.

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  1. daborbal July 24th, 2007 9:33 am

    I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I know that you both, Boy, Baby, and Dougal miss Jasper terribly…. Many hugs to you all. 🙁


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