Rosemary Diamante

I baked a new type of bread today, a Rosemary Diamante, which I got a basic recipe from here but modified to fit my preferred timings. The dough turned out to have a very elastic texture, beautiful rise and oven spring, with a very soft interior and crisp crust. It was very tasty, with a good hit of rosemary, a touch of olive oil, and the bite of the salt on the crust.

It had nearly a light white bread weight on the inside, probably due to the 1/2 water, 1/2 milk proportions on the liquids. I’ll probably try to make it a bit more hearty the next time around, most likely by cutting down the milk, leaving the olive oil, and processing it nearly like my other white breads. I’ll also boost it to 5+ cups of flour per 2 loaves, rather than the 3 1/2, since the loaf turned out really small, small enough that it didn’t seem out of place to devour one when it got mostly cooled.

So, for the next time:

– 2+ cups liquid, maybe 1/2 cup milk in that.
– 1/3 c olive oil
– 1+ tsp yeast
– 5 c flour
– 4 T chopped fresh rosemary.
– 2 tsp salt in the dough, 1 tsp sprinkled on top before baking.

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