So one of my new year’s goals was to start working with sourdough bread. So, on the first, I started a couple of starters. Yesterday, one of them got to the doubling in 24 hours stage, and then today it got to the doubling in 8 hours, so — time to start some bread.

I’m trying a 1/2 white, 1/2 wheat sourdough with a touch of honey from the King Arthur Whole grain book. I’m planning on letting it go through a slow rise or retard tonight, and then bake it tomorrow. Pictures to come…

Update — So the bread is good, a little moist, probably could have baked for another few minutes. Also, it could have risen for a while longer, I was kind of going on time, but the house is pretty cold for bread in the winter, at least away from the stove. Flavor was good, a nice hearty wheaty flavor, but not overly sour. I think this would be really good at 1/4 whole wheat, possibly even approaching the flavor of the Essential Fremont. If I can get close to that, I will consider myself successful.

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