Wind Again.

Wind’s up, Power is flickering, so I’ve shut down the non-laptop computers in my office. I’d leave them on, but the power will probably drop when I’m not around to turn them off, so I’d just run down the ups for nothing. The router now has a fresh new ups, so we should have a good 12 hours or more of internet while the power is down before that one runs out.

We actually lost a few small dead trees with yesterday morning’s little wind. They were 6-8″ firs which appear to have been dead, judging from the rot around the base when they finally went over. But, helpfully enough, they didn’t fall cleanly. Each one was leaning somewhat precariously against another tree — mostly upright and retaining a lot of potential energy. Not the sort of thing that I want outside when there are kiddos running around. Some whacks with the axe, some pulling and shoving got them on the ground. They’ll do nicely in the wood stove one of these days.

Update — Oddly enough, we didn’t lose power.

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