Recent Activity at the Homestead

The recent, possibly unprecedented, run of good weather in February has gotten us off our couches and out into the yard. And the yard looks a lot different than before.

– Last Friday – On couches, sick.
– Saturday – Feeling a little better — decided to go shopping, it was less effort than working in the yard. Bought 6 fruit trees and rented a weedwacker. Left trees at the nursery.
– Sunday – whacked weeds. With a gas powered weed whacker with a blade. That’s power. Also took on gourse and blackberries by sticking the whirring blade in and wiggling it around. Felt a little like wielding a sword. Also dug a hole or two.
– Monday – Looked around at the devastation, dug another hole and met neighbor. Neighbor seems to not like trees, or at least, very willing to cut them down. Decided to cut down a large alder tree before it fell on the trees to be planted. Attacked tree with an axe and chainsaw. Tree trunk is now in little bits, branches strewn across the garden. Now that’s power.
– Tuesday – Pulled little branches off of big branches by hand. Now that’s really bad wood.
– Wednesday – More of that. Now there are a couple piles of little branches, a couple of bigger ones, and 1/3 cord of trunk rounds.
– Friday – Decided that perhaps it’s time to plant trees, so dug more holes.
– Saturday – Got trees, planted them, Pruned them. Now they’re smaller trees, with spreaders to make the branches grow in the right direction. Also, built a fire and had two large piles of small branches fed to the fire. Suddenly, the tree seems mostly gone. Also, found out that one good hit with the axe would cut up to a 2-3″ branch. Had loads of fun whacking them into stove sized pieces.
– Sunday – Rested.

Next weekend — A rototiller.

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