Passing – Sheldon Brown

Way back when I was first on the internet, before these blog things, people talked on usenet, and some people talked a lot on usenet. I was a part of the bicycling community at rec.bicycles.tech, and I remember the contributions of Sheldon Brown. (I think I remember 3 or 4 names from that era now.) He always had an answer, and almost always had the part you needed. He built some crazy tandems and fixed gears, welded together out of whatever junkers crossed his path. I ordered a few things from hish shop, and I think even biked by it once while I was in the area.

I left that community for the web, or it disappeared, or something around the time of the 1999 internet boom, so I never knew that Sheldon Brown had MS, or that he was in failing health. He died last month.

Sheldon Brown obituary – Times Online

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