New Sourdough

I haven’t been making sourdough for the last month or more, since i got a little discouraged at making either unintentional sourdough flatbreads or bricks. I tried again yesterday, and this time, I think I got it right. It was one of the better efforts so far, good texture, strong crust, and a pleasantly sour flavor. It also rose and proofed well, and had a nice freeform shape out of the oven.


What was different? Not totally sure. I did add 1/16 tsp of yeast per batch (non-sourdough gets 1tsp), and that was probably a help. I started early in the evening, Didn’t mix the dough all that much. After mixing in the salt and yeast, I kneaded by hand for a few minutes. That didn’t seem to do a whole lot, but when folding the dough over later in the evening, it got very smooth and elastic. It rose overnight in a cold house, and in the morning, I formed the loaves, left them on the counter to proof, and baked around noon.


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