Spendy Gas

For the first time, I’ve spent $4.00 (well, actually 3.999) for a gallon of gas. 7 of them actually, for the Miata. At this rate, I think we’ve finally crossed the point where we’re both driving enough and gas is that expensive that we’re going to spend more on gas than insurance. For a long time, we just haven’t driven that much, and with 2 or 3 cars sharing the 8k miles a year, the insurance worked out to be more. But I think that’s changing.

And speaking of expensive, I got the Miata back from the shop where it had it’s crank replaced. The 90-91 1/2 Miatas had a design bug where the timing belt pulley could get a little loose and wear out it’s raceway that keeps it aligned. While this is happening, typically the car feels like it has no power till 4k rpm, and all sorts of other bad performance things that I could just tick off as having seen. And once that happens, you’re due for a crank replacement, which means taking the engine out, apart, and putting it all back together again. On the bright side, once the engine is apart, replacing a bunch of other stuff that’s near the end of it’s life because it’s 18 years old is really cheap because the labor is already spent getting the engine in and out. Like the clutch, water pump, timing belt, oil pump, slave cylinder, hoses. Little things. Lots of little things. Happy Economic Stimulus Package Mr Mechanic.

And wow. It really has power now. OMG. And a grabby clutch. I nearly peeled out in the mechanic’s parking lot because I was used to the old performance. I can’t remember the last time I was even close to breaking the tires loose on dry pavement, or even wet pavement. I really had forgotten how much fun that car was (and is).

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