The Most Dangerous Game

(at least, for the rodents)

The score over the last few months is: Pointy Furball: 11, Opposible Thumbs: 0.

We’re up to 11 confirmed kills of small rodents, either mice or moles, as sometimes its a little hard to tell. Most of them have been outdoor kills, a few have been indoor, and only one was not intact at time of disposal. And this is from a cat that did not know what to do with a mouse until this year, when he turned 10. We have a few traps out, but no luck in them yet.

I’m beginning to believe that cats really are a better mousetrap. As for why we have so many rodents, we’re in the country, and the previous owner of the house apparently spent a small fortune on birdseed, some of which was eaten by birds.

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