Eric’s Hospice for Wayward Birds

1 hour.

Hummingbird #1

2 glass doors.

Hummingbird #2

3 little birds.

LBB, #3

All hit the glass, all survived after being really shaky for a while. They could perch rather quickly, but flying took a good 15 minutes before they were ready to launch. Given my previous experiences with cats and injured birds, I made sure that they were off the ground during this process. I put the first one on the perch of the hummingbird feeder. He wasn’t quite close enough to feed. The second, I held and tried to feed it a little sugar water from the feeder. It was holding on to my wedding ring as hard as it could, then fluttered to the branch where it sat for a few. The last one just got a branch, and no food, as we only really feed the hummingbirds.

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