Interesting thanksgiving celebrations this year.

The first was on the saturday before thanksgiving, when we went to Fran and Ed’s new/under construction house for it’s first party. 20 people there, the turkey out of the oven, and the table top was still being worked on with a belt sander. The supports were still being sanded and fitted to the openings in the floor. The dishwasher was hooked up during dessert, after dishes has already been loaded. We found out later that the counters had been delivered and installed at 2am that morning. I’m used to food being frantically worked on before the meal, but never the kitchen.

And then, on Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, our crystal cupboard fell off the wall. The two screws holding it sheared off, and the whole unit fell to the counter, crushing a ceramic cookie jar from Grandpa’s house. That’s not really replacable. We only lost one wine glass from inside, and thankfully that’s fully replaceable. What’s hard to tell in this picture is that one of the supports (the tall one) is a 5 lb container of honey that got very squished. At least it didn’t burst. That would have been a very sticky mess.

We got this put back up (level this time) in about half an hour. This time there are 4 screws, and I’m looking at adding additional supports.

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