Garden Update

We didn’t wind up getting the blueberries or grapes into their permanent places this weekend. The blueberries are going to be a bit larger than we had expected, so we needed more space for them, which lead to getting some old logs out of the way and taking down a couple of trees that I didn’t want to drop on new plantings.

The logs had been there since the house was built, just rotting and getting eaten by bugs. Well, except for the couple logs of really nice cedar. Only the outer inch of those was eaten, and one log was a good 5 feet long and 2 feet around. I didn’t realize it was nice dry cedar till I cut it up though. It did make a decent fire starter for the bonfire to burn all the other log pieces.

I can’t believe they just left it there to rot. And that it lasted 10 years with only minimal damage.

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