Catching up with Christmas Dinner

I going to finally write this post, after saying every year that I should and then not doing it, since it could be really useful next time around. Especially considering that the timing this time around was more perfect than I could have possibly planned for and less stress than last time. Oh yeah, and I’m doing this on two burners and one oven. (And a wood stove)

Preparing Christmas dinner

To be done a day or more ahead of time:

  • Turkey — brine for 24 hours in fridge, then let rest dry for 24 hours in fridge. Following the cooks illustrated brining guide for roasting, using the low sugar version.
  • Stuffing — best done a day ahead, kept in the fridge in a ceramic pan, then heated in the oven for an hour before serving. Half a quart of broth to the 6ish quart pan of stuff.
  • Cranberry Sauce — a day ahead, or whatever. Keeps well.
  • Dough for rolls — make and rest in the garage overnight (40f), form into rolls Christmas Eve, leave in kitchen to proof slowly.
  • Chocolate peppermint cheesecake for dessert

The day of, for eating at lunchish time.

  • Rolls in early, any breakfast foods (german pancake, coffee cake) need to be out of the oven by 4 hours prior to eating.
  • Turkey in at T-4hours @325, foil on breast and legs, olive oil and butter for basting occasionally. Foil off after an hour or so.
  • Potatoes (Yukon gold) in to parboil for 10 minutes at T-2hours. Oil in metal nonstick pan to preheat for roasting, dry them, and they should be in the oven by T-1:30.
  • open wine, check quality
  • Simple gravy, butter roux, turkey broth, touch of soy sauce
  • Iron linens
  • Prep mashed sweet potatoes and carrots and parsnips for cooking around T-1hr
  • Turkey out to rest at T-1hr, at 165 degrees, foil covered
  • Stuffing in the oven at T-1hr. Oven to 425 or 450
  • Prep salad, assemble except for dressing
  • Carrots and parsnips, Mashed sweet potatoes in serving dishes, covered, on back of wood stove to keep warm
  • Prep Brussels sprouts, soak in cold water for 15 minutes
  • Soup on to heat T-30m
  • Check stuffing T-15m
  • Warm rolls in oven T-15
  • Heat Brussels sprout water, start cooking when soup is served.
  • warm meat platter on wood stove
  • Open wine
  • Serve soup course T-5min
  • Carve turkey, bring out other food
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