Another Pizza to Remember

Steak and Mushroom (pizza) Pie

Start with some strong stock from braising ribs or a chuck roast. It was a thick stock, mostly solid at fridge temperature. Mince a few mushrooms, cook them down in butter, then add about a cup of the stock, and let it thicken to the thickness of the normal tomato sauce. Add just a few pinches of flour to help it out if necessary. This is going to be the sauce for the pizza.

Mise en place

Spread the sauce, add some diced bits of leftover steak (I used a couple ounces of the previous nights sirloin), 6 or 8 more sliced mushrooms, then the mozzarella. Yummy.

The actual pizza wound up being 3/4 steak and mushroom, and 1/4 steak only (using a little straight stock as the sauce) due to one of the kids not caring for mushrooms this year. Both were good, the mushroom side tasted richer, and deeper, the steak only was much steakier.

Steak and mushroom pizza

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